HASL Information

Huntsville Adult Soccer League

This fall season the women will play 11v11.
Here are the major uniquenesses to remember:

  1. 11v11 (min 7 on a team to play)
  2. 40 min halves
  3. Normal substitution procedure as in HASL (at any stoppage of play at the discretion of the Center Referee.)
  4. Wedding bans allowed; all other jewelry must be removed
  5. Standard offside rules
  • Use the Template when adding comments to game reports in Arbitersports.com

Rules specific to the Over-35 Division:

  1. 18 maximum on roster
  2. Slide tacking is a foul and is punishable with a direct free kick (DFK). If a defender performs a slide tackle in his/her penalty area, then award a PK. Slide tackling with no other player around is not a foul.

Rules specific to the Women's Division:

  1. 23 maximum on roster
  2. Any team that has 11 players present for a game can only reduce to 9 to accommodate their opponents no matter if they only have 8 or 7 (required minimum). This is only fair to those players who consistently show up and have paid and expect to play.
  3. Games may NOT be shortened unless BOTH team captains agree AND both teams are playing with LESS THAN 11 players for the entire match.

Matches are scheduled to be played at:
John Hunt 1 & 2
City North & South